The MarkFirst line of dot peen marking systems makes marking easier than ever before. The systems use the revolutionary AC500 touchscreen for programming and data input. Use one system to mark anything in your shop: parts, tooling, tags, and nameplates. Suitable for marking metals, plastics, and other hard surfaces.

  • Fast, easy, and flexible solution for marking a wide variety of parts and tags
  • Load data a variety of ways to eliminate marking errors
  • Fixtures attach easily to the base for fast and consistent part positioning

Two Marking Modes

Operate the system in dot peen or vibropeen mode for different styles of marking. Dot peen marking – using the 3mm or 6mm marking pin – delivers fast, deep marks. Switch to the 3mm vibropeen stylus for high-quality engraving.

ADP5090 Dot Peen Marking System
ADP5090 Dot Peen Marking System

ADP5090 dot peen marking system

ADP5090 - Portable And Benchtop Combo

ADP5090 - portable and benchtop combo

ADP300400 Dot Peen Marking System

ADP300400 dot peen marking system

Dot Peen Marking

Benchtop dot peen marking

Dot Peen Part Marking

dot peen part marking

ADP5090 Dot Peen Marking System ADP5090 - Portable And Benchtop Combo ADP300400 Dot Peen Marking System Dot Peen Marking Dot Peen Part Marking

Easy Programming at Your Fingertips

Create marking patterns step-by-step with fields containing text, lines, shapes, serial numbers, date/time codes, shift codes, .bmp and .dxf files, and 2D codes.  Patterns can also use variable data entered by the operator, retrieved from a lookup table, or obtained from a bar code scanner, host computer, or other external source.

  • Use the built-in security to prevent changes to system settings and marking patterns
  • The operating software can also be run on a PC for convenient pattern creation and management
  • Preview patterns on the screen; click and drag fields to move and resize
  • Check Area and Dry Run functions allow you to run patterns without actually marking
  • View the Marking History and Statistics files for detailed history information

MarkFirst AC500 Controller

The AC500 features serial, I/O, Ethernet, and USB ports for maximum connectivity. Connect to a PC or host computer, PLC, bar code scanner, and many other devices. Marking can be initiated with the controller, or with optional foot pedal or start/stop buttons.

Build Your Ideal Marking System

All systems use the same AC500 Controller for programming and data input. Choose the marking head with the best window size for your application, choose one or more marking pins, and add fixturing to hold your parts or tags in place.

Integrated Dot Peen Marking System

Marking Heads (Marking Window Size)

ADP2560 (25 x 60mm / 1″ x 2.4″)
ADP5090 (50 x 90mm / 2″ x 3.5″)
ADP120160 (120 x 160mm / 4.7″ x 6.3″)
ADP300400 (300 x 400mm / 11.8″ x 15.7″)

pneumatic dot peen marking pins

Carbide Marking Pins

3mm dot peen
6mm dot peen
12mm dot peen
3mm vibropeen

Supports & Accessories

Dot Peen Automatic Tag Marking

Tag Engraving Systems

Dot peen systems for engraving, stamping, or embossing metal tags.

Benchtop Impact Marking Press

MarkFirst Impact Presses

Benchtop and fixed-mount presses available in various tonnages for light- or heavy-duty marking.

Opera Laser Enclosure

Opera Benchtop Marking Laser

Benchtop Class 1 laser marking system for marking parts and tags.

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