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REA JET SK large character ink jet printers are designed for marking on industrial products in harsh manufacturing environments. These robust drop-on-demand (DOD) printers are the ideal solution for continuous printing on structural metals, pipe, automotive products, and building materials.

Reliable operation in tough applications.

All system components are dust-proof and water resistant for rigorous industrial use. REA JET print heads, with their patented design, deliver superior performance compared to any other print head on the market. Mark text, logos, and date codes at line speeds of up to 1,960 feet/minute (600 meters/minute).

Easy maintenance.

The REA JET’s system design ensures maximum uptime. The print heads feature a purge button to quickly clear the nozzles while the printer is on-line, and nozzles are kept clean by following simple cleaning procedures. When maintenance is needed, any system component can be easily exchanged using the quick-change connections.

REA JET 2.0 Dye Based Ink Jet Printing System
REA JET 2.0 Dye Based Ink Jet Printing System

REA JET 2.0 dye based ink jet printing system

REA JET 1.0 Dye Based Ink Jet Printing System

REA JET 1.0 dye based ink jet printing system

REA 7-16 Dot Print Heads

REA 7 and 16 dot print heads

REA-JET Printheads

REA JET print heads

16-dot REA JET Print Head Front And Back

16-dot REA JET print head front and back

REA JET 2.0 Dye Based Ink Jet Printing SystemREA JET 1.0 Dye Based Ink Jet Printing SystemREA 7-16 Dot Print HeadsREA-JET Printheads16-dot REA JET Print Head Front And Back

Introducing the next generation of REA JET DOD ink jet printers.

Print Heads

  • Redesigned internal components for improved reliability and print quality
  • Significantly improved service life between cleanings or repairs
  • Compatible with all 1.0 REA JET systems
Learn more about REA JET 2.0 Print Heads
New REA JET 2.0 DOD Ink Jet Print Heads


  • Color display and rotary selection dial for easy operation
  • Communicate via Ethernet or serial ports
  • Integrated internet connectivity for remote monitoring and control
  • Multi-language for global compatibility
Learn more about REA JET TITAN Controllers
REA JET TITAN Touchscreen Controller

A unique feature of the REA JET’s design is its ability to use many different types of inks, including some that cannot be used in any other kind of ink jet printer.

Water and Dye Based Inks

  • Acetone
  • Ethanol
  • Ethyl acetate
  • MEK, slow- and high-speed drying
  • Propyl alcohol
  • Water

Pigmented Inks

A variety of solvent-based and water-based pigmented inks are available for high-contrast printing on industrial products like metals and rubber. Typical colors are white, yellow, green, orange, and red – available colors vary by formulation.

Specialty Inks

  • Co-curable rubber-based inks (see the Rubber Printing System for more information)
  • Water-removable
  • Disappearing

See the list of available Ink Jet Inks & Solvents.

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