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REA JET inkjet printers are the leading choice for printing and coding on industrial products. Designed for challenging applications like printing on metal, plastic, and rubber, REA JET large and small character inkjet coders offer excellent printing performance and low maintenance for maximum production uptime.

  • Patented print head design and specially engineered components work with difficult and specialty printing inks
  • Integration-ready TITAN controllers can connect to several print heads for simplified production control
  • Modular design enables fast and easy print head changes

REA JET 2.0 Print Heads

New REA JET 2.0 DOD Ink Jet Print Head

The fastest large-character print head on the market is re-engineered for improved print quality and longer service life.

TITAN Ink Jet Controllers

TITAN is the next-generation control platform for REA JET industrial ink jet printers. Featuring a full-color display, easy pushbutton selection dial, and integrated internet connectivity, TITAN takes ink jet operation to the next level.

REA JET TITAN Touchscreen Controller

Large Character Drop-on-Demand (DOD) Ink Jet Printers

Max Print Height 5.5″
140 mm
Max Print Speed 1,960 feet/min
600 meters/min
Print Options Text
2D Codes
Dye DOD Ink Jet Printers

Dye DOD Ink Jet Printers

REA JET SK ink jet printers offer outstanding printing performance in industrial marking applications.

Pigment DOD Ink Jet Printers

Pigment DOD Ink Jet Printers

Specially designed for use with brightly pigmented inks, REA JET SKP ink jet printers make high-contrast marks on dark surfaces.

Rubber Printing System

Rubber Printing System

Specialized ink jet printer marks on uncured tire and rubber products with high-pigment and disappearing co-curable inks.

Small Character Hi-Res Ink Jet Printers

Max Print Height 2″
50,8 mm
Max Print Speed 2,500 feet/min
762 meters/min
Print Options Text
Bar Codes
2D Codes
HR Thermal Ink Jet Printers

HR Thermal Ink Jet Printers

Thermal ink jet (TIJ) coders for printing high-resolution text and bar codes directly on products.

Dot & Stripe Printers

Dot Sizes .008″ to .118″
0,2 to 3 mm
Print Options Dots
Code Patterns
Dot & Stripe Printers

Dot & Stripe Printers

Printers for marking dots or stripes for inspection marking, color coding, or other product identification.


Ink Jet Applications

Industrial ink jet case studies.

A selection of customer case studies showing the REA JET ink jet printers in action.

TIJ: New Technology for Small Character Coding

TIJ thermal ink jet printers.

REA JET HR thermal ink jet printers are the next generation of printing technology for small character coding. Learn more about how thermal ink jet (TIJ) compares to continuous ink jet (CIJ) printing.

Inks for DOD Ink Jet Printers

See the list of standard inks available for use in REA JET DOD ink jet systems.

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