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Pannier offers the highest quality inks and solvents for industrial drop-on-demand (DOD) ink jet marking applications. Chemical compatibility and interaction with the components of the marking system are top priorities in the formulation of each ink, ensuring trouble-free system operation. Inks are available for specific applications such as metal, building materials, stone, concrete, carpet backing, wood, non-woven fabrics, foodstuffs, and more.

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Ink jet inks cleaners
InkBaseTypeSpecific UseMetalPlasticRubberPorous Surfaces
TKDMEKDyefast drying ink, non-porous surfaces, small dot size
TKEMEKDyefast drying ink, non-porous surfaces
TPEMEKDyefast drying ink, for marking polyethylene (PE)
TKDKMEKDyefast drying ink, for non-porous surfaces (high quantity of dye)
TKDSMEKDyeslow drying ink for non-porous surfaces (small dot size)
TKPMEKDyefast drying ink for non-porous surfaces, esp. polystyrene (PS)
TESPropyl AlcoholDyefast drying ink for marking porous surfaces
TEPEthanolDyeporous surfaces
TENEthanolDyeremovable by washing with 2% soda lye
TEAEthyl AcetateDyefast drying ink, for non-porous surfaces
TKAAcetoneDyefor oily metal surfaces
TACAcetoneDyefast drying ink for galvanized metal surfaces
TWAWaterDyefor porous surfaces
TPKEMEKPigmentfast drying ink, non-porous surfaces, small dot size
TPKDMEKPigmenthigh pigmented, fast drying
TPKDSMEKPigmenthigh pigmented, fast drying
TPVCMEKPigmentfast drying ink for marking polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
THTKMEKPigmenthigh temperature stability up to 1100°F
D-1964NapthaPigmentfor marking uncured rubber, co-curable, white (other colors available)
D-1729NapthaPigmentfor marking uncured rubber, co-curable, disappears during curing
D-1943NapthaPigmentfor marking uncured rubber, co-curable, high adhesion
TPADAcetonePigmentfor oily metal surfaces
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Contact Printing Inks and Solvents

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Safety Data Sheets

Complete list of Pannier’s inks, cleaners, and solvents.

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