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High Power for Fast Marking

Laserax LXQ-2D fiber lasers pack up to 200 Watts, making them the fastest fiber marking lasers on the market. These powerful lasers make deep marks on metals and mark moving materials with high speed on-the-fly marking capabilities.

Built for Harsh Environments

The specially engineered design of the LXQ lasers allows for operation in difficult industrial applications. The laser head’s IP67 rated cabinet protects the laser optics and keeps systems cool in environments involving vibration, dust, and extreme temperatures. When combined with Laserax customized, automated safety enclosures, laser marking can now be integrated into metal production processes for the first time.

Integration Ready

The LXQ laser series includes heavy duty laser markers, specialized optics and accessories, and a wide range of automation components and enclosures. The series’ modular platform makes it easy to create complete turnkey marking systems for easy integration into automated production lines. This enables manufacturers to achieve reliable part traceability along with optimum production efficiency and safety.

Laserax LXQ-3D 3-axis industrial laser marking system
Laserax LXQ-3D 3-axis industrial laser marking system

Laserax LXQ-3D industrial laser marking system

2D data matrix code laser marking

2D data matrix code laser marking

laser marking 2D data matrix codes on automotive parts

laser marking 2D data matrix codes on automotive parts

Laserax LXQ-3D 3-axis industrial laser marking system2D data matrix code laser markinglaser marking 2D data matrix codes on automotive parts
Wavelength 1,064 nm
Laser Power Options 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W, 200W
Safety Classification Class 4
Protection Class IP65 to IP67
Spot Size ~ 50 µm to 100 µm, depending on configuration
Communication Ethernet, RS-232, USB, digital input/output, encoder signal
Focal Distance 18.1″ to 23.6″; factory set to 21.5″
460 mm to 600 mm; factory set to 547 mm
Marking Window 10.2″ x 10.2″ to 12.8″ x 12.8″ (factory set to 11.8″ x 11.8″)
260 mm2 to 324 mm2 (factory set to 300 mm2)
Mark on the Fly (MOTF) Yes
Stand-alone Operation Yes
Characters per second Depends on application

LXQ lasers can be supplied with a variety of automated safety enclosures for use as stand-alone workstations or inline marking cells. Control panels and enclosures for the laser source, controller, and optional cooling systems allows easy installation in all types of work environments.

Laserax LXQ laser enclosures and system options


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