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A manufacturer of air conditioning and refrigeration products marks millions of parts every year using lasers for permanent part identification. They had older laser markers that needed to be replaced, and they needed to add laser markers to new production lines. They contacted Pannier for advice.

Pannier recommended the FYBRA fiber laser for its ability to create high-contrast marks in the shortest amount of time. This would allow the lasers to keep up with fast production rates. The first part they needed to mark was a stainless steel thermal expansion valve, which the FYBRA was able to mark within the 12-second time window that was available on the production line. The second part was a brass solenoid valve, which was marked with in two steps: the center of the valve was marked with three lines of text and a 2D code was marked on the side.

Fiber Laser Marking On Stainless Steel Parts
Fiber Laser Marking On Brass Valve, Text And 2D Data Matrix Code
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