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For inventory, shipping, and asset identification, nothing beats the durability of a metal tag. When reliable product identification is a must, metal tags outlast less durable paper or plastic labels.

Use blank tags to write on with permanent marker, apply adhesive-backed labels, stamp with hand stamps, or mark with a tag marking machine. Versatile and economical, Pannier offers a wide variety of blank tags in different materials, sizes, and colors. Available with holes or slots for easy attachment to your products.

Tags/Plates for Embossing Machines

Tags can be supplied in single or coiled form for use in a variety of tag marking machines from Pannier and other manufacturers. Single tags are flat and burr-free for stack-feed embossers. Coiled tags work with Pannier metal tag embossers and metal tag printers.

Laser Printable Metal Tags

Pannier’s specialty high-temperature coated metal tags can be printed with an industrial marking laser for durable product identification. Printed metal tags withstand extreme temperatures and exposure to fluids, acids, and oils.

blank metal ID tags
blank metal ID tags

blank metal tags with holes for easy attachment

single metal tags and plates

single metal tags for use in stack-feed marking systems

round metal ID tags and plates

round metal tags, bare metal and color coated

screen printed metal serial and ID plates

screen printed metal plates

blank metal tags in continuous coils

coils of pre-fabricated metal tags

coil of laser printable high-temperature metal tags

coil of laser printable high-temperature metal tags

blank metal ID tagssingle metal tags and platesround metal ID tags and platesscreen printed metal serial and ID platesblank metal tags in continuous coilscoil of laser printable high-temperature metal tags

Metal tags can be ordered in single form or coiled form with nick & notch for easy separation. Standard material widths are 7/8″, 2″, and 3″ and tags can be made in any length (in increments of 1/8″). Standard tag materials:

  • aluminum, plain or color-coated
  • cold rolled steel, plain or color-coated
  • electro-galvanized or tinplated steel
  • plain stainless steel, various grades
  • high-temperature coated stainless steel
  • other materials available

Minimum order is 1,000 tags.  Please contact us to discuss your tag needs.

Need tags right now? We stock several sizes and colors of single tags for immediate shipment.

SizeMaterialItem NoPrice/Pkg of 50
2” x 4”blank electro-galvanized steelT7081-6001-100830.00
2” x 4”white color-coated steelT2081-6211-100730.00
2” x 4”yellow color-coated steelT2081-6711-100530.00
3” x 5”blank electro-galvanized steelT7082-4001-100335.00
3” x 5”white color-coated steelT2082-4211-100335.00
3” x 5”yellow color-coated steelT2082-4711-100135.00

Minimum order is $100.00 USD.

Embossed Metal Tags

Embossed Metal Tags

Order pre-embossed or blank tags for use in tag embossing machines.

Printed Metal Tags

Printed Metal Tags

Coated metal tags for use in tag printers. Tags withstand extreme temperatures and cleaning solutions.

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