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Pannier offers a complete line of dies for use in hot foil printing machines designed to mark wire, fiber-optic cable, plastic pipe, and conduit. Single characters and text segments are available for both foot and meter wheels. See the table below for common character sizes and styles.

  • Heat treating and optional nickel plating ensure minimal wear with continuous usage
  • Segments can be engraved with lead-in and lead-out lines to provide a smooth transition onto and off the foil
  • Custom designs and logos can be made to your specifications

We offer competitive prices and great delivery, as all type is manufactured in our US factory.

Medek & Schörner Hot Foil Type
Medek & Schörner Hot Foil Type

Medek & Schörner pinned type

Medek & Schörner Logo Types

Medek & Schörner type segments/logotypes

White And Street Hot Foil Type

White and Street hot foil type

Taymer Hot Foil Type Segments

Taymer hot foil type segments

Medek & Schörner Hot Foil TypeMedek & Schörner Logo TypesWhite And Street Hot Foil TypeTaymer Hot Foil Type Segments
Machine Foot Meter Typical Character Sizes Maximum Size
Gnata 1/16″  1/8″  3/16″  1/4″
Medek & Schörner 2.0mm  3.0mm  4.0mm
2.5mm  3.5mm  4.5mm
3.8mm (single char)
7.5mm (segment)
Sakas 3/32″  1/8″  3/16″  1/4″  5/16″ 5/16″
Taymer 1/8″  3/16″  1/4″ 1/4″
White & Street 2.0mm  3.0mm  4.0mm
2.5mm  3.5mm  4.5mm
4.5mm (single char)
7.5mm (segment)

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