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Offset printers are a simple way of printing a continuous, repeating message or stripe on moving products like pipe and tube, extruded profiles, and flat materials. Standard units print at speeds up to 700 feet/minute (210 meters/minute), and the optional high-speed inking system increases print speed to 1500 ft/min (450 m/min). Character sizes range from 1/16″ to 1″ high (16 to 25 mm).

  • Flexographic inking system ensures consistent print quality
  • Stainless steel ink reservoir comes with replaceable liners for easy ink clean-up and color changes
  • Print high quality messages including text and graphics with Pannier offset printing dies

Offset printers print on rounded profiles by transferring the message to be printed onto a rubber print wheel that conforms to the diameter of the product being marked. The printers operate by using the friction between the print wheel and the product being marked as it passes through the printer.

Continuous or Piece Marking

The printer is typically used as a friction-driven system on a continuous manufacturing line. It can also be equipped with a motor drive system that pulls individual products through the printing area.

Model 8498 offset printer
Model 8498 offset printer

Model 8498 offset printer

Offset pipe stenciler

Model 9328 offset printer

pipe printer adjustable stand

Type 3234 wheeled stand with pivot mount and height adjustment knobs

Model 9328 for vertical pass line

Model 9328 for vertical pass line

continuous pipe printer for multiple lines

five-strand offset printer for printing five pipes simultaneously

pre-curved die wheel with dies

pre-curved die wheel with dies

Pann-Off dies and die wheel

Pann-Off dies and die wheel

Model 8498 offset printerOffset pipe stencilerpipe printer adjustable standModel 9328 for vertical pass linecontinuous pipe printer for multiple linespre-curved die wheel with diesPann-Off dies and die wheel

Two standard models are available to meet most printing requirements. Both models can be mounted for top, bottom, horizontal or vertical printing.

Model 8498

Prints messages up to 24″ long. Recommended for most applications.

Model 9328

Prints messages up to 12″ long. Ideal for printing slow-moving or warm extrusions.

Multi-Strand Printers

Printers can be designed and manufactured for marking multiple sections of pipe or conduit at a time on high-speed production lines.


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