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Roll dies are a simple and easy solution for marking repetitive information on moving products.  They use less force than other indenting methods because only a fraction of the message is being indented at one time as the die rolls along the material. They are suitable for marking of a wide variety of products such as:

  • extruded building materials such as siding and roofing
  • bar, tube, conduit, and hose
  • wire and cable
  • gun barrels and parts
  • soft materials such as plastic, rubber, clay, and leather
Roll dies can be mounted on a shaft for continuous marking of moving materials or mounted in a roll marking machine, lathe, or screw machine for marking individual parts.
roller die holder with character type
roller die holder with character type

roller die holder with character stamps

engraved roll stamp for marking in recessed areas

engraved roll stamp for marking in recessed areas

concave roller dies for marking tube and wire

concave roller dies for marking tube and wire

embossing and debossing roll dies

engraved roll marking dies for stamping large or small characters

roll die holder with segments

type holder with changeable type segments

roller die holder with character typeengraved roll stamp for marking in recessed areasconcave roller dies for marking tube and wireembossing and debossing roll diesroll die holder with segments
Engraved Roll Dies

For applications where the message does not change, an engraved roller die can be made with text or logos engraved in any character size or depth so you can achieve your desired mark. Dies are manufactured with high quality tool steel and heat treated for excellent performance and longevity.

Die Holders

Sandwich Style Holders

Interchangeable characters and segments are held by a removable clamping plate. Good for marking applications where messages change, such as date coding and lot coding.

Mortised Style

Fitted with interchangeable wedge-shaped dies that are held in place by set screws. Extra legend inserts can be ordered to fit in each mortice.

Request a Quote

All roll dies and holders are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications.

Information Required for Quotation

  1. Desired message or artwork
  2. Character size and style
  3. The number and spacing of message repeats, if applicable
  4. Desired size of bore (mounting hole)
  5. Whether a keyway is desired and size (3/8″ wide standard) to keep the roller die in place on a keyed shaft
  6. Details on the material being marked: type of material, dimensions, hardness, temperature, line speed, etc.
  7. Desired depth of mark in your material
  8. Mounting information: top or bottom of line, whether or not a back-up roll is required


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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