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The ASM6090 and ASM40150 automatic scribe marking machines are the ultimate solution for fast and quiet marking on metals and plastics. The proprietary piston design pushes the marking pin into the material to be marked, creating continuous engraved marks.

  • Mark text and logos in nearly any size or orientation
  • Marking speeds up to 3 characters/second
  • Noise levels during operation are under 75 dB

Marking Depth

The depth of mark depends on the system’s drive air pressure and the surface material of the part being marked. On aluminum with a thickness of about 1 mm/0.40″, a marking depth of 0.85 mm/0.03″ is possible. On cold rolled steel a marking depth up to 0.5 mm/0.02″ is possible. The marking depth may increase when marking thinner materials.

Marking Pins

Scriber pins are made of Carboloy/Widia which have a hardness similar to diamond tipped pins with improved durability. The average life of the pin may vary depending on numerous factors such as the material being marked and the marking depth.

programmable marking scriber
programmable marking scriber

ASM6090 Scriber

automatic scriber

ASM6090 scribing pin

metal scribing machine

scribing metal

scribe marking text and logos on metal

scribe marking text and logos

automatic scriber marking machine

ASM40150 Scriber

programmable marking scriberautomatic scribermetal scribing machinescribe marking text and logos on metalautomatic scriber marking machine

Easy Programming at Your Fingertips

Create marking patterns step-by-step with fields containing text, lines, shapes, serial numbers, date/time codes, shift codes, .bmp and .dxf files, and 2D codes.  Patterns can also use variable data entered by the operator, retrieved from a lookup table, or obtained from a bar code scanner, host computer, or other external source. Learn more about programming the AC500 dot peen controller.

  • Use the built-in security to prevent changes to system settings and marking patterns
  • The operating software can also be run on a PC for convenient pattern creation and management
  • Preview patterns on the screen; click and drag fields to move and resize
  • Check Area and Dry Run functions allow you to run patterns without actually marking
  • View the Marking History and Statistics files for detailed history information

MarkFirst AC500 Controller

The AC500 features serial, I/O, Ethernet, and USB ports for maximum connectivity. Connect to a PC or host computer, PLC, bar code scanner, and many other devices. Marking can be initiated with the controller, or with optional foot pedal or start/stop buttons.


ASM6090 Scriber

Compact marking head with a 60mm x 90mm marking window (2.36″ x 3.54″).

ASM40150 Scriber

Large scribing head with 40mm x 150mm marking window (1.57″ x 5.9″).

Two Year Warranty
Free Support


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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