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Stud welding systems are a simple way to attach tags to steel products in one quick step. The systems use lightweight welding studs with patented skirted collars to hold tags securely on products such as steel billets, rebar, and structurals.

  • Lightweight welding gun is easy to operate
  • Creates strong welds in a fraction of a second
  • 6″, 12″, and 20″ chuck extensions for safely attaching tags to hot materials

The Capacitor Discharge (CD) Welding Method

Stud tip is placed in contact with the workpiece. Electric arc is initiated.

Ignited arc creates a thin fusion zone on stud and workpiece.

Stud is forced into the molten pool. Material solidifies and stud is welded.

manual tag label welding system
manual tag label welding system

simple trigger actuation

hand-held welding gun

hand-held welding gun

weld gun with magnet

magnet holds metal tags in place

CD110 stud weld system

CD110 stud weld system with tuning coil

copper plated welding studs

copper plated studs resist rust

tags attached with steel welding studs to rebar ends

tag attached to rebar with a steel stud

manual tag label welding systemhand-held welding gunweld gun with magnetCD110 stud weld systemcopper plated welding studstags attached with steel welding studs to rebar ends


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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