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Fully automated mark & track systems for metal producers ensure 100% reliable product tracking while creating efficient and safe working environments in the mill. Automatic tag printing and attaching systems apply identification tags to billets, blooms, slabs, or plates immediately after cutting.

  • Fully automated systems use a robot to weld tags onto hot metals
  • Designed to operate in hot, dirty mill environments
  • Provides reliable product identification to prevent inventory and shipping errors

A Complete Solution

An automated mark & track system communicates with the mill’s existing automation system for error-free product identification. A system includes the following components:

  • Laser printer prints high-temperature metal tags with real-time tracking information
  • Robotic attaching system picks up tag and welds onto hot steel surface
  • Code verifier scans and verifies bar code or 2D code

The use of bar code or 2D code scanners in downstream manufacturing processes and in the inventory area eliminates product mix-ups. Scanners may be hand-held, mounted in a fixed location, or mounted on material handling equipment.

Automatic Billet Identification
Automatic Billet Identification

Automatic billet identification

Extreme Temperature Tags On Steel

Extreme temperature tags on steel

Automatic Billet Labeling System

Automatic billet labeling system

STS2008 Robotic Tag Welding Attaching System

STS2008 robotic tag welding attaching system

Automatic Billet IdentificationExtreme Temperature Tags On SteelAutomatic Billet Labeling SystemSTS2008 Robotic Tag Welding Attaching System

PLUS3 Metal Tag Printer

PLUS3 Metal Tag Printer

Tabletop tag printer uses a 30W CO2 laser to create high-contrast, permanent marks on Pannier metal tags.

Tag Attaching Systems

Tag Attaching Systems

Pannier offers a variety of systems and tools for attaching metal tags to metals and other industrial products.

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