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  • Printers designed for low-volume, low cost printing applications
  • Interchangeable ink rolls and print drums allow for fast color and message changes
  • Various models available for printing on porous and non-porous materials

Pannier hand-held code printers are designed for simple printing applications. Impressions are clean and sharp as these printers run smoothly along materials in a straight line. Hand-held models can be taken to the job and rolled along the product for easy marking of large, heavy, or cumbersome pieces.

RIBtype® and E-Z Set™ rubber dies are easily removed and installed on the print wheels for fast changing of printed information. Your logo or your customer’s can be printed along with date codes, part numbers, and other information.

The felt or foam rubber ink rolls permit long printing runs before re-inking is required. The ink rolls and print drums can be readily changed if different colors are needed. When not in use, the rolls are stored in provided airtight plastic containers.

HP non-porous printer
HP non-porous printer

HP non-porous printer

Han-Held Code Printer

Hand-Held Code Printer

Universal HP-NP printer for non-porous marking

Pannier hand-held code printer

HP non-porous printerHan-Held Code PrinterUniversal HP-NP printer for non-porous marking

Indexing Models

Indexing printers use a spring mechanism that returns the print wheel to the same relative position after each mark is applied. These units are used in applications where the printed message must be placed in the same position on individual items.

Non-indexing Models

Non-indexing printers rotate freely on their bearings and will stop at random positions when they disengage from the product being marked.

Multiple Wheel Code Printers

Printers can be custom-built with multiple wheels for printing on products that require several lines of information to be printed a set distance apart.

Model Indexing Models Available Print Wheel Size (Message Repeat) Maximum
Character Size
CH-61 12″ 3/4″
6076 12″, 18″, or 24″ 1″
Multi-Wheel 12″, 18″, or 24″ 1″
Universal HP-100 6.5″ 2″
Universal HP-200 9.1″ 2″
Universal HPL 18″ 3-15/16″


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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