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This flexographic contact printer is available with several print wheel and drive options, making it a flexible and reliable printer for a multitude of industrial applications. The print drum moves by making contact with any flat, moving material. If there is not enough friction to move the print wheel, the printer can be equipped with additional friction drive wheels or a power drive mechanism. Print quality is consistent at speeds up to 300 feet/minute (90 meters/minute); an optional high-speed inking system is available for speeds up to 700 feet/minute (210 meters/minute).

  • Ideal for repetitive printing on steel sheet, extruded rubber, textiles, and building materials
  • Flexographic printing provides high quality reproduction of logos and graphics
  • Simple friction-driven design requires no air or power supply

Print wheels are available in four sizes, and can accommodate several different types of dies. The size of your message can range from 1/8″ to 4-3/4″ high, and from 18″ to 36″ long. Download the brochure to view all the print wheel options.

Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printer
Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printer

narrow SIPA with #8 E-Z Set print wheel

wide industrial flexographic printer

wide SIPA with #12 brass back die wheel and lifting bar

wide flexographic steel strip printer

#12 wide SIPA, ink fountain open

SIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylinders

SIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylinders

rotary printer for rubber marking

narrow SIPA with #8 convex flange die wheel, inboard drive wheel

rubber extrusion code printer

#8 SIPA with convex flange print wheel and outboard drive wheel

Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printerwide industrial flexographic printerwide flexographic steel strip printerSIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylindersrotary printer for rubber markingrubber extrusion code printer

Top Mounting

The Super Ink Print-All is normally mounted over a production line by inserting a 1″ diameter bar through the mounting holes. When the print wheel comes in contact with moving material, the friction of the printing dies causes the printer to move in synchrony with the material. An optional lifting bar allows the printer to be lowered and raised off-line using an air cylinder.

Bottom Mounting

An underline mounting base is available for applications requiring printing on the bottom of materials. An air cylinder raises the printer into contact with the material to begin printing.

Vertical Pass Lines

SIPA printers can also be mounted on lines where material passes vertically. Printers can be moved laterally in and out of printing position or raised with a lifting bar.

Custom-built mounting structures can also be designed by Pannier engineers to accommodate your existing production line.

Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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