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Pannier’s Super Ink Print-All flexographic printers print text and graphics on nearly any flat material at speeds up to 700 feet/minute. With a multitude of configuration options, you can easily integrate printing into your production line.

  • Suitable for repetitive printing on plastic, paper, textiles, rubber, and metals
  • Excellent quality reproduction of logos and graphics
  • Simple friction-driven design requires no power or air supply

Easy Setup & Operation

The printer is driven by your material traveling beneath the print wheel, causing it to rotate. This allows the printer to automatically adjust to changes in line speed and slight variations in material thickness. If there is not enough friction to move the print wheel, the printer can be equipped with additional friction drive wheels or a power drive mechanism. A back-up roll beneath the print wheel supports the weight of the printer and creates uniform pressure for consistent printing. Change messages quickly with interchangeable printing plates and dies.

Heavy Duty Design

Super Ink Print-All printers are ruggedly built to ensure years of reliable operation.  They feature a cast aluminum frame and print wheel, a reverse-angle doctor blade inking system, and precision machined components for excellent performance in demanding applications.

Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printer
Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printer

Model 9555 narrow SIPA with #8 E-Z Set print wheel

wide industrial flexographic printer

Model 9670 wide SIPA with #12 brass back die wheel and lifting bar

SIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylinders

SIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylinders

bottle feed SIPA

quart bottle ink feed system

wide flexographic steel strip printer

Model 9670 SIPA, with ink reservoir open

Super Ink Print All Flexographic Printerwide industrial flexographic printerSIPAs on mobile frame with pneumatic lifting cylindersbottle feed SIPAwide flexographic steel strip printer


Print Width / Character Height
Model 9555 1/8″ to 1-7/8″ 3.2 to 47.6 mm
Model 9670 1/8″ to 4-3/4″ 3.2 to 120.6 mm

Print Wheel Sizes / Max. Print Length

Wheel Circumference
#6 wheel 18” 45.7 cm
#8 wheel 24” 61.0 cm
#10 wheel 30” 76.2 cm
#12 wheel 36” 91.4 cm
meter wheel 39” 1 meter

Print Speeds

Inking System Maximum Print Speed
Standard 300 feet/minute 91 meters/minute
High Speed 575 feet/minute 175 meters/minute
Extra High Speed (XHS) 700 feet/minute 213 meters/minute

Minimum print speed is determined primarily by the ink used.

Mounting Options

Top Mounting

The Super Ink Print-All is normally mounted over a production line by inserting a 1″ diameter bar through the mounting holes. When the print wheel comes in contact with moving material, the friction causes the printer to move in synchrony with the material. An optional lifting bar allows the printer to be raised and lowered into production using an air cylinder.

Bottom Mounting

An underline mounting base is available for applications requiring printing on the bottom of materials. An air cylinder raises the printer into contact with the material to begin printing.

Vertical Pass Lines

SIPA printers can also be mounted on lines where material is vertically oriented. Air cylinders and mounting brackets are available to move printers in and out of printing position.

Custom-built mounting structures can also be designed by Pannier engineers to accommodate your existing production line.


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