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Dot peen marking is a simple, affordable solution for permanent marking on metal tags and plates. Create light engraved marks, deep marks, or embossing on a wide variety of metal tag materials. Let Pannier help you build your ideal tag marking system.

  • Mark automatically using dot peen marking technology
  • Tag holding fixtures adjust to accommodate different size tags and nameplates
  • Enter data manually or retrieve data from a variety of sources
automatic tag nameplate marking

Great for marking:

  • serial number tags
  • industrial nameplates
  • military and aerospace ID tags
  • asset and property tags
  • parts and tools
tag and nameplate holding fixture for stamping or embossing
tag and nameplate holding fixture for stamping or embossing

nameplate and tag engraving

metal tag and plate dot peen engraving machine

ADP120160/AC500 tag marking machine

ADP120160/AC250 tag marking machine

ADP120160/AC250 tag marking machine

adjustable tag holding fixture

adjustable tag holding fixture

holder for marking tags and metal cable ties

6-piece tag and cable tie holder

heavy duty tag stamping

heavy duty tag marking

tag and nameplate holding fixture for stamping or embossingmetal tag and plate dot peen engraving machineADP120160/AC250 tag marking machineadjustable tag holding fixtureholder for marking tags and metal cable tiesheavy duty tag stamping

Choose the economical AC250 controller and use a PC to create and modify marking patterns manually, or use the AC500 touchscreen controller to automatically send data to be marked.

Communication MethodAC250 ControllerAC500 Controller
Manually create and modify patterns using a PC with the included software
Manually program with AC500 – no PC required
Capture data from a bar code scanner
Connect to a PC and retrieve data from a spreadsheet with Pannier’s Simple Spreadsheet Application
Receive data from a PC, PLC, or host system

Easy Programming

The software included with each system is designed for fast and easy programming. Create marking patterns step-by-step with fields containing text, automatic serial numbers, date and time codes, logos, and 2D Data Matrix codes. Preview a pattern on the screen and simply click and drag fields to move and resize them. Mark any character size using the included fonts or a TrueType or custom font.


Marking Heads: Several size marking heads are available to accommodate the marking area needed for your tags. The head mounts on a tool stand along with fixturing for your tags or parts.

Fixturing: Pannier’s standard tag holding fixtures accommodate tags up to 3.75″ x 5.75″ (95mm x 146mm). Other sizes and custom fixtures are available, or you can fixture your own tags.

Marking Pins: The long-lasting, carbide marking pins can mark a variety of materials including plastic, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, and stainless steel. Use a vibropeen pin for fast, light engraving or the dot peen pins for deeper engraving or embossing metal tags. Call us for a recommendation.

pneumatic dot peen marking pins
ControllersMarking Heads (Marking Window Size)Carbide Marking Pins
AC250 (PC required)
AC500 Touchscreen
ADP5090 (50mm x 90mm / 2″ x 3.5″)
ADP120160 (120mm x 160mm / 4.7″ x 6.3″)
ADP120160D (120mm x 160mm Deep Marker)
ADP300400 (300mm x 400mm / 11.8″ x 15.7″)
Dot Peen: 3mm, 6mm
Vibropeen: 3mm, 4mm
Deep Marker: 12mm, 18mm
Blank Metal Tags

Blank Metal Tags

Single and coiled blank tags in a variety of materials and sizes. Use in tag stamping or embossing machines.

Tag Embossing System

Tag Embossing System

The EmbossMax 3000 coil-feed tag marking system embosses or stamps metal tags with one or more lines of information.

Roovers Metal Tape Embosser

Roovers Metal Tape Embosser

Emboss or deboss a single line of large, deep characters in metal “tape”.

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marking project.

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