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Dot peen marking technology allows manufacturers to automate the direct part marking process, ensuring 100% reliable part traceability. Dot peen marking systems from Pannier give you the ability to place high quality marks on your products consistently and quickly, allowing you to be more productive.

  • Marks are fast and error-free
  • Stamp on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Use 2D Data Matrix codes for greater product traceability
  • Integration is easy: data can be retrieved from a host system, PLC, bar code scanner, spreadsheet, or database

Why Choose Dot Peen Marking?

By upgrading to dot peen marking, manufacturers can increase production throughput and reallocate valuable labor resources. They also enjoy downstream benefits from highly legible and accurate product marks, eliminating the need for rework, scrap, or testing due to improper product identification.

dot peen marking machines
dot peen marking machines
dot peen marking turbine blades
tag and nameplate stamping
round part marking
automatic steel billet marking
circumferential marking

Compare dot peen to other methods of permanent part marking:

Dot Peen Marking

  • Low-stress indenting
  • Flexible and programmable for fully automated marking
  • Adjustable marking depth for light or deep marks
  • Can mark through any coating or film on part surface

Hand Stamping

  • Time consuming to make or change marks
  • Prone to errors
  • Can cause worker injuries
  • Non-programmable; mark information cannot be automatically stored

Laser Marking

  • Generates heat and fumes
  • Low tolerance for part surface irregularity
  • Inconsistent marks on wet or dirty surfaces
  • Marks are shallow – deep marks take considerable time

Chemical Etching

  • High consumable costs
  • Requires use of hazardous chemicals
  • Multi-step process is difficult to automate
  • Marks on conductive surfaces only

How Dot Peen Systems Work

Dot peen marking machines use a pneumatically driven marking pin to stamp (or peen) a series of very small, closely spaced dots to form straight or curved lines. Independent X and Y marking axes place dots very precisely, resulting in excellent mark quality and legibility. Accurate and powerful five-phase stepper motors enable accurate and consistent mark placement, with 0.025mm resolution on both axes.

Also called pin marking technology, the dot peen marking method provides fast, accurate marks while exerting minimal force on the part surface. Text, logos, and 2D Data Matrix codes can be marked in any size or orientation. You control the quality and depth of mark by making adjustments to the mark settings, air pressure, dot spacing, and the clearance between the pin and the part.

Choose Your Marking System
Benchtop Dot Peen Machines

Benchtop Dot Peen Machines

Engrave tags and plates, mark parts and tooling with these versatile marking machines.

Portable Dot Peen Machines

Portable Dot Peen Machines

Hand-held marking systems for identifying large products with the push of a button.

Integrated Dot Peen Machines

Integrated Dot Peen Machines

Integrate into your production line and automatically mark parts as they are made.

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