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This automatic tag stamping & blanking machine makes large quantities of metal identification tags with the same message. Mark one or more lines of information in one pass. The PE-35 indents the desired message and then each tag is blanked and falls into a holding bin.

  • Makes 28 tags/minute
  • Accommodates brass, aluminum, and steel strip
  • Finished tags have rounded corners and an optional hole for easy attaching

Simple, High-Speed Tag Making

The strip is fed into the press by a motorized free-standing uncoiler. The uncoiler allows quick loading and accurate alignment of the metal strip into the tag guides. The impact section stamps the message by pressing and impacting a ram into the metal strip. The type chase –holding multiple lines of type – sits underneath the metal strip and marks the tag when impact takes place. When a reading change is required, remove the chase and set a new new message for marking.

PE-35 tag stamp and punch machine
PE-35 tag stamp and punch machine

Model PE-35 tag stamping and blanking machine

tag stock feed uncoiler

tag stock feed/uncoiler

type chase with type

type chase with type

inserting the type chase

inserting the type chase

stamped aluminum and brass tags

stamped aluminum and brass tags

PE-35 tag stamp and punch machinetag stock feed uncoilertype chase with typeinserting the type chasestamped aluminum and brass tags

1. Strip Loading

Place a coil of metal strip onto the uncoiler and feed the strip through the tag guide until the clamp cylinder engages the strip.

2. Set Type in the Chase

Load the chase with individual pieces of type representing the information to be stamped. Spacers are used for blank spaces in the message. Insert the type chase into the marking press and secure in place with clamps.

3. Make Tags

Set the selector to the desired number of tags to be marked. The machine will mark the number of tags specified and then stop.

If there is not sufficient strip material, the machine will stop when the strip runs out. In that case, load a new coil of strip and press the start button to complete the job.


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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