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Inspection hammers are simple, durable tools for inspectors of wood and metal products. Choose from many different characters and symbols for inspection identification.

  • Easy testing and marking with one swing
  • Hammers and inserts are specially heat treated for long life
  • Various sizes of hardwood handles for comfort and strength

Tie and Timber

Engraved on one or both ends with flat face characters for end grain marking or sharp face characters for side grain marking. Special logos or designs available.

Metal Inspection

Industry, transportation, and testing laboratories use these hammers to test welds and stamp inspectors’ symbols on hot or cold metals.

Insert Style — Interchangeable character stamps are held in place with a cotter pin.

Engraved Style — Custom engraved with characters or symbols on one or both sides (1/2″ maximum character height).

Inspection Hammer With Character Stamps
Inspection Hammer With Character Stamps

inspection hammer with interchangeable character stamps

Double Engraved Inspection Hammer

double engraved inspection hammer

Welder's Inspection Hammer

welder's inspection hammer

Inspection Stamp In Wood

inspection stamp in wood

Inspection Hammer With Character StampsDouble Engraved Inspection HammerWelder's Inspection HammerInspection Stamp In Wood
Steel Hand Stamps

Steel Hand Stamps

Steel stamps made from high quality tool steel and heat treated for hard usage and wear.



Marking tool incorporates interchangeable characters with an internal energy section to eliminate the use of a hammer.

Single Stamp Holders

Single Stamp Holders

Safely holds a single stamp to keep hands free of the impact area.

Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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