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Pannier is the premier worldwide supplier of printers for marking identification patterns on electrolytic tinplate. Pannier Differential Tinplate Printers are designed to print lines or geometric patterns on tin plated steel to indicate the coating type and weight using a sodium dichromate solution.

  • Print at speeds up to 1,600 feet/minute (490 meters/minute)
  • Available in different widths to fit production line requirements
  • Use interchangeable wick boards for rapid code changes

In response to customer requests, Pannier has developed a series of printer enhancements and modifications to maximize the operational efficiency of units currently in use. Contact a Product Specialist to find out more about the following options:

  • Wick Board Assembly Conversion Program
  • Remote Positioning System
  • Remote Print Control System
Tinplate Lines Code Printer
Tinplate Lines Code Printer

Tinplate code printer

Plate Edge Printer

Plate edge printer

Steel Strip Edge Printer

steel strip edge printer

Tinplate Line Pattern Printer

tinplate line pattern printer

Tinplate Sine Wave Pattern Printer

tinplate sine wave pattern printer

Tinplate Lines Code PrinterPlate Edge PrinterSteel Strip Edge PrinterTinplate Line Pattern PrinterTinplate Sine Wave Pattern Printer

Model 9326

This model is designed to mark only line patterns on the heavy-coated side of tinplate that is moving vertically up or down. The printer consists of a printing die roll, solution transfer roll, and wick board assembly. The printing roll holds die bands that are placed on 0.50″ centers across the width of the drum. Pannier now offers special wick boards to help manufacturers reduce costs and quickly change print patterns.

Model 4440

This model is designed to identify the light-coated side of tinplate with geometric patterns to illustrate the coating weight. The printer consists of a die roll, transfer roll, and pick-up roll. The die roll contains the die bands, placed on 1″ centers, which contact the strip and apply the pattern of marks to the surface of the tinplate.

Apply a line mark or code along the edges of tinplate. Pannier’s Edge Tracking Control System ensures consistent marks on the left-hand and right-hand sides of moving tinplate.

Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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