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The REA JET SKP pigmented ink jet printer is designed to operate in harsh industrial environments and print with exceptional legibility on metals, rubber, plastics, textiles, and other materials. The printer’s patented print head and specialized ink circulation system deliver high-contrast, pigmented marking inks. The large, bright white or colored printing replicate marks traditionally made with stencils and paint.

These large character ink jet printing systems are easy to use, robust, and due to the modular construction of the system components, highly flexible. The print resolution meets the requirements of virtually all industrial applications for marking and coding.

Rugged Design Means Minimal Downtime

  • IP65-rated components can operate in dusty, humid, and hot environments.
  • Ink circulation system keeps pigmented inks properly mixed to prevent print head clogs.
  • The 4.5 liter ink supply tank is easy to fill and features a quick-change liner and optional low ink indication lamp.
  • All printer components can be removed and replaced via quick disconnect ports, ensuring that the printer is operational in the shortest period of time when maintenance is needed.
REA JET 2.0 Pigmented Ink Jet System
REA JET 2.0 Pigmented Ink Jet System

REA JET 2.0 pigmented ink jet system

REA JET 1.0 Pigmented Ink Jet System

REA JET 1.0 pigmented ink jet system

REA JET 2.0 Print Heads

REA JET 2.0 print heads

White Stenciling On Steel Pipe

white stenciling on steel pipe

REA JET 2.0 Pigmented Ink Jet SystemREA JET 1.0 Pigmented Ink Jet SystemREA JET 2.0 Print HeadsWhite Stenciling On Steel Pipe
Sample Marks
high contrast stenciling steel pipe
white printing on poly hose
ink jet marking on fabric
yellow printing on foam pipe insulation
white printing on structural steel
carpet backing ink jet printing

A unique feature of the REA JET’s design is its ability to use many different types of inks, including some that cannot be used in any other kind of ink jet printer.

Pigmented Inks

A variety of solvent-based and water-based pigmented inks are available for high-contrast printing on industrial products like metals and rubber. Typical colors are white, yellow, green, orange, and red – available colors vary by formulation.

Specialty Inks

  • Co-curable rubber-based inks (see the Rubber Printing System for more information)
  • Water-removable
  • Disappearing

See the list of available Ink Jet Inks & Solvents.


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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