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This economical plastic stamp holder is a lightweight tool designed to keep workers’ hands away from the impact area when marking with a steel hand stamp. Stamps are securely held in place by a neoprene-impregnated cotton belt. The belt is adjustable and will accommodate up to a 1″ square stamp or chisel.

The belt is loosened and tightened by turning the adjustment knob on the base of the holder. The ergonomic no-slip handle is comfortable to hold and minimizes the impact from the stamping process.

  • Prevent injuries while ensuring proper stamp placement even when wearing gloves
  • Holder accommodates single or multi-character stamps and chisels
Single Stamp Holder
Single Stamp Holder

Single stamp holder

Safety Stamp Holder

safety stamp holder

Single Stamp HolderSafety Stamp Holder
Steel Hand Stamps

Steel Hand Stamps

Steel stamps made from high quality tool steel and heat treated for hard usage and wear.

Type And Stamp Holders

Type and Stamp Holders

Make hand stamping fast and easy with hand-held type and stamp holders.

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