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The ADP120160D Deep Marker is a dot peen marking system designed for making extra-deep marks in metals that remain legible after shot blasting, painting, and galvanizing. Automatically mark one or more lines of text and logos inside the 120mm x 160mm (4.7” x 6.3”) marking window. The marker can be used as a portable, benchtop, or inline marking system.

Easy Automation

Automating your marking process gives you mistake-proof marks and eliminates worker injuries and fatigue. Setup is fast and easy with the AC500 touchscreen controller – no PC is needed. Create marking patterns step-by-step with fields containing text, serial numbers, date and shift codes, logo files, and 2D codes.

  • Data to be marked can be typed on the controller or retrieved from your production software, a spreadsheet on a PC, or a bar code scanner
  • Marks can be made with multiple passes for even deeper marks

Portable Marking

The portable kit incorporates a heavy duty magnetic base to keep the system in place during marking. The system can be mounted on a tool balancer or stored on a portable cart for easy marking of large parts. Controller-to-head cables are available in various lengths up to 15 meters (50 feet).

ADP120160D portable dot peen marking machine
ADP120160D portable dot peen marking machine

ADP120160D portable deep marker

deep marking carbide pins

deep marking carbide pins

deep marks on steel plate

deep marks on steel plates

OCR characters (optical character recognition)

OCR characters (optical character recognition)

marking hardened steel

deeply marked text and 2D code on hardened steel

deep marks on steel after painting

deep marks on steel after painting

ADP120160D portable dot peen marking machinedeep marking carbide pinsdeep marks on steel plateOCR characters (optical character recognition)marking hardened steeldeep marks on steel after painting
  • Hand-held marking system with two-handled portable fixture
  • Benchtop marking system with column and base
  • Combo: Portable fixture and column and base to use both ways
  • Inline: mount the marking head where you like – sliding shutter system keeps dust and debris out of the head
Marking Pins
  • 12mm carbide dot peen marking pin
  • 18mm carbide dot peen marking pin
  • Tag/plate stamping and embossing fixtures – use the benchtop Deep Marker as a metal tag and plate stamper
  • Custom-built fixturing for challenging marking jobs
  • Custom software and system integration


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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