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From the beginning of any project, Pannier Corporation works with each individual client to find a solution that best fits the needs of the marking application and the company’s goals and budget. Our sales and engineering teams have extensive expertise in a wide array of marking methods and can advise clients on the benefits and drawbacks of using each type. As such, we have been a trusted partner to many companies large and small.

To assess your marking needs, we conduct a thorough site survey to discover all the pertinent details about the project. During this process, manufacturers often discover that new marking systems can increase productivity and lower production costs. After assessing the manufacturing process and understanding the goals of the project, we may recommend one or more solutions from our range of marking technologies or refer you a partner from our network.

Pannier steel strip

Factors considered during a Marking Needs Analysis:

  • part material, geometry, and surface condition
  • production flow and material handling
  • worker safety and usability issues
  • industry identification traceability standards
  • marking methods and technologies
  • cost factors and ROI analysis
  • communications and system interfaces

We strive to recommend solutions that will give our clients a competitive edge by reducing errors and increasing productivity. If you would like to benefit from our expertise and have us perform an on-site needs analysis, just call or e-mail us to arrange a visit.

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