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The Pannier NV5 Metal Tag Printer is a fully automatic tag printing machine that prints information on Pannier Ultra Durable anodized aluminum tags.  The printer can use multiple pre-configured tag formats. Variable information to be printed can be received from a network data stream, a CSV file, or by manual data entry.


Coils of up to 1,000 tags are loaded into the uncoiler for automatic feeding into the laser printing area. Tags can be advanced and retracted using the buttons on the screen.  Once tags are in printing position and data is received, the printer automatically starts printing tags.  Tags exit the machine and can be snapped off one at a time, in batches, or rewound on a recoiler for later use.

Each tag only takes seconds to print with the powerful nanoVIS Vanadate laser. Tag formats can include text, logos and graphics, bar codes, and 2D codes printed in any orientation.

The complete NV5 tag printing system includes a laser, automatic tag feed system, PC, and software pre-configured for your tag production needs.  A laser-safe window in the laser chamber allows the operator to view the printing operation safely.  A separate fume extractor is used to keep the laser chamber clear of dust and fumes.

NV5 Laser Metal Tag Printer
NV5 Laser Metal Tag Printer

NV5 Laser Metal Tag Printer

Automatic Laser Marking On Aluminum Tags

automatic laser marking on aluminum tags

Coil Of Ultra Durable Metal Tags

coil of Ultra Durable metal tags

Ultra Durable Anodized Aluminum Tags

Ultra Durable anodized aluminum tags

NV5 Laser Metal Tag PrinterAutomatic Laser Marking On Aluminum TagsCoil Of Ultra Durable Metal TagsUltra Durable Anodized Aluminum Tags
Dimensions (W x D x H) 37″ x 18.5″ x 28.6″  |  927 x 470 x 727 mm (not including monitor)
Fonts Stroke & TrueType
Bar Codes Code 39, Code 93, Code128, EAN/UPC, PDF417, Data Matrix, QR
Communications Ethernet TCP/IP, RS-232 Serial, network file transfer, manual file import, and manual data entry


The printer is CE certified and FCC certified, and the Class I laser operates in an enclosed area for operator safety.

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