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The part marking and product identification process is streamlined by combining robust industrial dot peen marking heads with the industry’s most advanced controller.

  • Fast and accurate part marking, from light engraving to deep marking
  • Durable, reliable machines designed for the harshest industrial environments
  • Effortless programming with an extremely friendly operator interface
  • Advanced integration capabilities for factory automation networking
  • Pannier’s application and integration experts provide world-class support

The Universal AC500 Controller

AC500 Universal Touchscreen Controller

The revolutionary AC500 controller features a 7″ color touchscreen display for fast and easy programming, reliable Linux-based software, and 64MB of internal flash memory to store hundreds of marking programs.

Easy Management of Marking Programs and Settings

The AC500 can be used with any Automator ADP marking system as well as dot peen systems made by other manufacturers. This makes it easy to create and manage files on multiple systems in your facility. The AC500 software can also be installed on a PC for management of marking patterns and settings – files can be uploaded and downloaded via the USB port.

Create marking jobs in minutes.

Fields are easily added one at a time to a marking job. Click the Add button, choose the field type – text, graphic, 2D code, etc. – and enter the data to be marked in the field. Set the height, width, spacing and the position of the field.

Fields can use variable data that automatically changes, is entered by the operator, retrieved from a lookup table, or obtained from a bar code scanner, host computer, or other device.

Lay out fields in the preview screen.

Once the program is created, switch to the preview screen (shown) to see the layout and positioning of each field. Fields can be repositioned or resized in this screen by clicking and dragging with the stylus.

AC500 touchscreen controller

Manual Data Entry

Select any field to modify and type the data to be marked.

Use the AC500 touchscreen or a connected keyboard and mouse.

Data Protection

1. Use variable fields that operators can modify while other fields remain locked.

2. Use a query table to store data for the operator to select from.

CSV Files*

1. Load a CSV file, select a starting value, and the field increments to the next value after each mark.

2. Use Pannier’s Simple Spreadsheet App to send data from a spreadsheet on a connected PC.

Scan Bar Codes

Scan bar codes on job paperwork to automate the data entry process.

Pannier can also write custom software for advanced data retrieval and verification needs.

* Comma Separated Value files can be created from an Excel® spreadsheet.

I/O Cable

Discrete I/O

Operate with discrete I/O signals from 12 to 24 VDC.

Remotely control operations like file selection, placing the system online, start marking, and stop marking.

Ethernet and serial cable connections

Extended Protocol

Use Ethernet or serial to connect to a PLC or host computer.

The AC500 Extended Protocol provides two way communications with error checking.

Ethernet Cable


Communicate with a PLC using the EtherNet/IP protocol.

With this option, the EtherNet/IP port and control card are built into the AC500 controller for use in automation networks.

USB Cable


Connect devices such as a bar code scanner or keyboard.

Use a USB flash drive for managing system programs, settings, and upgrades.

Marking Pin Options

Marking pins are available in different sizes and styles to achieve different marking styles. All sizes of marking heads can operate in Dot Peen or Vibropeen marking mode. Simply change the pin assembly and adjust the head settings.

dot peen marking pins

Dot Peen Marking

In the standard dot peen marking mode, the electrovalve in the marking head fires the pin precisely to place individual dots. A parameter setting on the AC500 specifies the density of dots to be marked, expressed in dots/cm. The higher dot density selected, the closer to a near-continuous engraved mark is achieved. Pin sizes:

  • 3mm
  • 6mm

Deep Dot Peen Marking

Using a marking head with a large electrovalve and marking pin, deep marks can be achieved on metal surfaces. This is ideal for applications where the mark must remain legible after shot blasting, painting, or galvanizing operations. Marks can be made extra-deep by going over the mark with multiple passes with the marking pin. Pin sizes:

  • 6mm
  • 12mm
  • 18mm

Vibropeen Marking

In vibropeen mode, the electrovalve firing the marking pin remains open throughout the marking cycle while the pin continually moves up and down. Vibropeen marks appear similar to engraved markings with more continuous lines. This is also is the fastest marking mode, ideal for when production cycle times are critical. Pin sizes:

  • 3mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 9″ x 7.5″ x 4.3″ / 230 x 191 x 110 mm
IP Rating IP40 (tabletop) / IP61 (wall mounted)
Weight 5 lbs / 2.3 Kg
Interface RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet TCP/IP, I/O, and USB; optional EtherNet/IP
Memory 64 MB internal memory
Input/Output 12 input signals (6 dedicated), 6 output signals (2 dedicated)
Electric Supply 100-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Marking Speed Up to 10 characters per second
Languages 34 available languages
Fonts 5 built-in fonts, upload and use any TrueType font (TTF file) or custom font
Text Options Automatic serial numbering, date and shift codes, arc text, mirror (reverse) text
Logos Upload and mark logos via USB (BMP or DXF files); built-in line, arc, and circle marking
2D Codes 2D Data Matrix and QR codes

Benchtop & Integrated Marking Systems

Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Inline marking is easy with advanced controls and built-in integration capabilities.

Benchtop Systems

Benchtop Systems

Easy-to-use benchtop dot peen markers for marking parts, tags, and plates.

Rotary Stamping Systems

Rotary Stamping Systems

Mark around the circumference or along the axis of round and cylindrical parts.

Steel Mill Stampers

Steel Mill Stampers

Heavy duty portable and integrated systems for use in hot steel mill environments.

Portable Hand-Held Marking Machines

Portable Systems

Portable Systems

Several sizes of hand-held marking systems are available for light or heavy-duty marking.

The Deep Marker

The Deep Marker

Make extra-deep marks in metals that remain legible after shot blasting and coating. Can also be used as a benchtop or integrated system.

Portable Pipe Marker

Portable Pipe Marker

Hand-held stamper for marking various diameters of metal pipe with text and logos.

Tag & Plate Marking Machines

Single Tag Markers

Single Tag Markers

Easily engrave, stamp, or emboss single metal tags and plates. Standard or custom tag holding fixtures available.

Batch Tag Markers

Batch Tag Markers

Coiled tag feed allows the operator to feed tags quickly. Great for making batches of stamped or embossed tags.

Automatic Tag Embosser

Automatic Tag Embosser

Coiled tag feed automatically advances after each tag is made. Type data or send from a host computer for complete automation.


Automatic Scribers

Automatic Scribers

Nearly silent marking machines create high-quality, engraved style marks on metals and plastics.

Custom Systems & Software

Custom Installations

Custom Installations

Pannier can design and build marking systems to meet your specific application needs.

Custom Software

Custom Software

Pannier’s software engineers can assist with integrating standard equipment and design custom software solutions.

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