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Dot Peen Marking Hands-on Demonstration
Marking Oil Drilling Tool Housings
Deep Dot Peen Marks

A manufacturer of oil drilling products marks their tools with part numbers, API specifications, and the manufacturing date. The tools are used many times in rough and dirty environments and so the marks need to be deep so they remain intact and visible for the life of the product.

The operator in the final assembly area was having issues with the aging dot peen marking system he used to mark the tools. The old-style controller was cumbersome to program and the characters were not deep enough to be read after final painting, requiring them to re-mark each tool afterward. They invited Pannier their plant to demonstrate the ADP5090 portable dot peen marking system to see if it performed better.

The plant personnel got some time to use the AC500 touchscreen controller and see how easy it is to program. They made marks on some scrap material and some final marks on their tools to see the depth of mark that could be achieved. The marks was deep enough that it would still be clearly visible after painting. They also liked the ADP5090’s magnetic base, which made it easy hold in place during marking.

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