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  • Lightweight, portable marking tool that needs no hammer
  • Adjustable marking force to control the marking depth

This economical hand-held marking tool can be used for marking or as a center punch.  Its unique design eliminates the need for striking with a hammer.  The unit’s internal impact force is triggered by pressure using the palm of your hand, producing a punch force up to 110 lbs (50 kg).  Available in black metal or colored plastic for quick visual identification of several tools.

Individual letters, numbers, and symbols (see chart) are available in 2.5mm character heights for character identification applications such as inspection marking.

Micro-Tool single stamper
Micro-Tool single stamper

Micro-Tool single stamper

Micro-Tool Stamper

Micro-tool stamper

Micro-Tool Stamp in Brass

Micro-tool stamp in brass

Micro-Tool single stamperMicro-Tool StamperMicro-Tool Stamp in Brass
Welder & Inspector Symbols
inspector and welder symbol stamps


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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