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Ink jet dot printers are advanced alternatives to contact printers or spray systems for inspection marking, color coding, and placing location marks. These systems use ink jet technology to deliver clear and exact marks on any porous or non-porous material. The precise orifice sizes and dot size adjustments limit ink consumption and give you exceptional marking control.

  • Mark dots and stripes from .008″ to .24″
  • Compact DOD ink jet marking head mounts in any orientation
  • Patented design for reliable printing
  • Print up to 700 dots/second

Ideal for Integration

The printers are designed to operate in harsh industrial environments such as high heat and humidity, and the print head is dustproof. If maintenance is needed, the quick-change modular components can be easily exchanged.

Printing can be triggered by a PLC, product sensor, or manual pushbutton control. A shaft encoder can also be used for variable-speed production lines.

Ink Jet Dot Stripe Printer
Ink Jet Dot Stripe Printer

ink jet dot stripe printer

EDS Printhead

EDS printhead

Dot Printer System

dot printer system

Automated Dot Printing

automated dot printing

Dot Printed On Aluminum Part

dot printed on aluminum part

Dot Pattern Marking

dot pattern marking

Ink Jet Dot Stripe PrinterEDS PrintheadDot Printer SystemAutomated Dot PrintingDot Printed On Aluminum PartDot Pattern Marking
Print Head Dimensions 1.18″ sq x 2.75″ long  |  30mm x 30mm x 70mm
Mounting top, bottom, or side
Operating Environment 32°F to 113°F
10% to 90% non-condensing humidity
Electrical Supply 115/230V AC; 50/60 Hz
Dot Size .008″ to .24″  |  0,2mm to 6mm
Ink Supply .5 gallon and 2.3 gallon  |  2 liter and 5 liter
Head-to-Controller Cable 3.3′, 10′, 20′, and 33′ lengths  |  1m, 3m, 6m, and 10m
Controller Ports Serial RS-232/422, I/O, product sensor, shaft encoder
EDS dot printer head dimensions
dot sizes

Print heads are available with five different nozzle sizes for optimal ink usage. The printer’s controller features a dot size control for adjusting the dot size without repositioning the print head.

Print Patterns

The printer can be configured to mark single dots, continuous lines, or dot patterns.

Dot patterns can be programmed using any combination of dots and spaces. Different patterns can then be selected via a PLC. This enables labeling of different products or product states (e.g. good, poor, etc.) with different patterns. Thus only one system with one color ink may be required for product coding applications.

The pattern is programmed in the input line. An asterisk “*” represents a printed dot and an underscore “_” represents an empty place.

Example: *5_1*1_1*2_3 generates the print pattern shown below.

EDS dot printer pattern

Different inks behave differently on different surfaces and in different environments, with varying opacity, adhesion, longevity, printing precision, and drying time. Testing different inks on your product ensures marking success.

  • Solvent-based inks for excellent adhesion to non-porous surfaces
  • High-speed drying acetone-based inks (VOC exempt)
  • Water-based inks with no VOCs
  • High-temperature inks
  • Rubber co-curable inks
ST Spray Marker

ST Spray Marker

Spray marking heads for marking large dots and stripes (over 5mm). Built-in nozzle protection prevents clogging.

REA JET Ink Jet Printers

REA JET Ink Jet Printers

Flexible DOD ink jet printer interfaces with industrial controls or host. Protected system for heavy-duty applications.

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