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Mark-First® benchtop impact marking presses are a simple solution for part marking and numbering.  Easy to set up and operate, they create high-quality marks on a variety of metal and plastic surfaces.

  • Economical and safe for low to high volume applications
  • Fully adjustable for safe, controlled-depth marking
  • Precision marking minimizes distortion and cracks, even on fragile materials

Presses can be used with logo dies, a type holder to arrange interchangeable type for alphanumeric marking, or a numbering head for serial numbering. Custom type and type holders are available for special marking needs.

Marking is actuated by bringing the marking die in contact with the surface being marked which actuates the spring-loaded ram.  This allows for parts of different heights to be marked identically without needing to make any changes to the press.  The tension of the spring is easily adjusted for controlled marking depth.

Mark-First® presses satisfy a wide variety of stamping and embossing needs and can also be used for riveting, press fitting, crimping and other operations.

Manual benchtop marking presses
Manual benchtop marking presses

manual marking presses - MB-15, MB-20, MB-32

Pneumatic benchtop marking presses

pneumatic marking presses - MB-19, MB-21, MB-35

part marking with impact press

part marking with an MB-19 impact press

part number marking

part number marking

marking a tag with type in a type holder

marking a tag with type in a type holder

impact press stamped tags

tag stamped with MB-19 press

Manual benchtop marking pressesPneumatic benchtop marking pressespart marking with impact presspart number markingmarking a tag with type in a type holderimpact press stamped tags

Manual marking presses are actuated by pulling the handle.

Pneumatic marking presses are actuated by a valve or two-hand safety buttons.  They can also be manually actuated with the handle.

Model Stamping Force Manual Pneumatic Drawing
MB-15  1,100 lbs / 500 kg download
MB-20 6,600 lbs / 3000 kg download
MB-32 14,300 lbs / 6500 kg download
MB-19 1,300 lbs / 600 kg download
MB-21 7,700 lbs / 3500 kg download
MB-35 16,500 lbs / 7500 kg download

Calculate the pounds of force required per character:

Character Size Annealed Brass Annealed Aluminum Low Carbon Steel Medium Carbon Steel Cast Iron Alloy Stainless Steel (300 Series)
1/16″  (1.6mm) 200 200 340 400 400 445
3/32″  (2.4mm) 400 400 680 800 800 890
 1/8″   (3.2mm) 600 600 1,020 1,200 1,200 1,300
5/32″  (4.0mm) 1,000 1,000 1,700 2,000 2,000 2,200
3/16″  (4.8mm) 1,400 1,400 2,400 2,800 2,800 3,100

Example:  Marking six 1/8″ characters into low carbon steel:  1,020 X 6 = 6,120 pounds of force required. Models MB-20 or MB-21 can be used, as they can apply a maximum of 6,600 or 7,700 pounds of force, respectively.

Type Holders & Type

Type Holders & Type

Stocked and custom-made holders can accommodate one or more lines of type.

Numbering Heads

Numbering Heads

Heads with pre-engraved character wheels make message changes quick and easy.

Security Buttons

Security Buttons

Located on either side of a pneumatic press, the Dual Palm Security Buttons must be depressed at the same time to actuate the marking cycle. Keeps operators’ hands clear for safe operation.

Air Regulator

Air Regulator

To clean and lubricate shop air, a filter-regulator-lubricator is recommended for use with all pneumatic presses.


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