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Pannier offers a wide range of printing plates for industrial printing applications. Plates are custom-made according to your artwork or sketch and then finished for mounting onto nearly any style of print drum. Photopolymer or rubber in various durometers can be used to achieve optimum printing results on your material.

  • Photopolymer and rubber printing plates can be used in a wide variety of industrial printers.
  • Printing plates make printing of logos and branding information easy, and can be used in combination with individual characters for changing of date codes, lot codes, heat codes, etc.

Metal Backed Plates

Plates mounted onto steel or brass backing make plate changes fast, easy, and clean. Steel-backed plates are typically used on print drums covered with magnetic material so that plates can be quickly placed anywhere on the drum. Brass back dies mount with screws or clamps on print wheels to prevent movement during printing.

Printing Die For Steel Sheet
Printing Die For Steel Sheet

printing die for steel sheet

Rubber Printing Plates

rubber printing plates

Photopolymer Printing Plate

photopolymer printing plate

Printing Die For Steel SheetRubber Printing PlatesPhotopolymer Printing Plate

Made especially for printing on fast-moving metal strip lines (up to 5,000 fpm), these dies are mounted on brass or aluminum backing and are held securely in place on the print drum with screws or die clamps. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations and can be made with mortices to hold interchangeable characters for changing heat and grade numbers.

brass back printing dies for galvanized sheet

Flat printing plates are available unmounted, with adhesive backing, or hook and loop Velcro backing for mounting anywhere on your print drum. Can be purchased as large plates, smaller interchangeable plates, or individual characters for ultimate flexibility.

rubber printing dies
Rubber Printing Dies

Rubber Printing Dies

Interchangeable characters and segments for use in a wide variety of printers and type holders.

Contact Printing Inks

Contact Printing Inks

Inks and solvents for use in offset and direct printing methods.

Graphic Arts Services

Graphic Arts Services

Pannier Corporation’s professional graphic art services provide customers with confidence that their graphics will be handled and reproduced with the highest level of quality.

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