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CO2 lasers offer consistent, high-quality marking on many types of materials on the production line, including plastics, ceramics, rubber, paper and fiber products. REA JET CL CO2 laser marking systems are designed for easy integration into production lines and automation cells with their sturdy cabinets, rotating marking heads, and internet-ready controls.

Easy Production Integration

  • A compact size and rotating marking head allow the laser to be mounted in any orientation.
  • Beam turning and extending accessories extend the laser beam into areas that would otherwise be difficult to access.
  • New-generation digital beam directing mirrors allow for excellent quality marking at high production speeds.
  • A pilot laser allows for easy visual setup of new marking jobs.

Modern Controls

Working with CL laser marking systems is simple and intuitive. The controller features a color graphical operating panel and rotary pushbutton knob for easy menu navigation and job selection. Remote operation and diagnostics can be accomplished remotely using the integrated VNC server accessible from any web browser.

REA JET CL CO2 Laser Marking Head
REA JET CL CO2 Laser Marking Head

REA JET CL CO2 laser marking head

IP65 Rated CL Laser

IP65 rated CL laser

REA JET TITAN CO2 Laser Controller

REA JET TITAN CO2 Laser Controller

Automatically Mark Products On The Production Line

automatically mark products on the production line

Fast, Precise Digital Beam Deflection

fast, precise digital beam deflection

Mount In Any Direction

mount in any direction

REA JET CL CO2 Laser Marking HeadIP65 Rated CL LaserREA JET TITAN CO2 Laser ControllerAutomatically Mark Products On The Production LineFast, Precise Digital Beam DeflectionMount In Any Direction
Laser TypeAir-cooled CO2 laser with integrated pilot laser
Power Supply95-250 VAC (autorange) 50/60 Hz
Emergent Beam AngleContinuously adjustable
CommunicationEthernet, RS-232/422, USB
Digital I/Os2x 6 inputs, 2x 4 outputs, freely configurable
SafetyDual-channel safety circuit interlock
Max. Line Speed1,000 meters/minute | 3,280 feet/minute
Umbilical CablesDetachable; available in four lengths up to 10 meters / 33 feet long
Controller Dimensions
L x W x H
329 x 424 x 142 mm  |  13″ x 16.7″ x 5.6″
Display5.7″ hi-res graphics display, 6 LEDs for direct display
LanguagesMulti-language support, freely selectable
FontsLaser-optimized fonts, TrueType fonts, custom fonts
Message Content
  • Single-line text, multi-line text with word wrapping
  • Dynamic text including date, shift, time, and serial codes
  • Bar codes and 2D codes including input wizard for GS1 and other standards
  • Logos and graphical shapes
Laser UnitCL210CL230CL260
Maximum Power10 Watt30 Watt60 Watt
Wavelength (microns)10.6μm
(9.3μm at 8 W)
(10.2μm at 25 W)
(9.3μm at 20 W)
L x W x H
787 x 137 x 180 mm
31″ x 5.4″ x 7.1″
787 x 137 x 180 mm
31″ x 5.4″ x 7.1″
898 x 137 x 180 mm
35.4″ x 5.4″ x 7.1″
Weight14kg | 31 lbs18kg | 40 lbs25kg | 55 lbs
IP65 Version
L x W x H

817 x 142 x 192 mm
32.2″ x 5.6″ x 7.6″

IP65 Version Weight15 kg | 33 lbs19 kg | 42 lbs26 kg | 57 lbs



Distance from Lens
to Product Surface
100 mm
150 mm
200 mm
250 mm
300 mm
Marking Area
L* and H (mm/inches2)
80 mm
120 mm
160 mm
205 mm
250 mm

* Unlimited message length when marking moving products.

Let us help you build the perfect system for your production needs with these accessories and more.

  • Beam Deflection and Lengthener Kits
  • Product Sensors
  • Production Speed Encoders
  • Fume Extraction & Filtration Units
  • I/O Kits for DIN Rail Mounting
  • Safety Kits
  • Signal Lights
  • Fan Covers for Dust & Splash Protection
  • External Cooling Units for IP65 Systems
  • Fineline Option for Increased Resolution
FYBRA Marking Lasers

FYBRA Marking Lasers

Fast, powerful fiber lasers for marking metals and other hard-to-mark materials on the production line.

HR Ink Jet Printers

HR Ink Jet Printers

High-resolution thermal ink jet printers are the maintenance-free way to print on moving products.

Roll Marking Dies

Roll Marking Dies

For data that does not change often, roller dies are a simple, affordable solution for indenting high quality marks.

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marking project.

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