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Pannier’s Model 7687-A Indent Marker is a friction-driven unit consisting of a frame and quick-change type wheel. The wheel utilizes cast aluminum type to indent characters into soft or semi-soft material. The marker is placed over a conveyor to mark material as it passes underneath the unit. It is mounted on a 1.5” diameter pivot bar and uses pressure, supplied by an air cylinder or screw arrangement, to apply indenting force to the wheel.

  • Continuously presses marks into moving materials
  • Easy to change letters and numbers for production codes that change often

The type wheel holds up to nine pieces of type with a character size of 2–9/16”.

Dimensions:  18.25”L x 6.12”W x 8”H (without type)

Indent Marking Machine With Interchangeable Metal Type
Indent Marking Machine With Interchangeable Metal Type

Indent marking machine with interchangeable metal type

Indent Marking On Rubber

Indent marking on rubber

Marked Rubber Compound

Marked rubber compound

Indent Marking Machine With Interchangeable Metal TypeIndent Marking On RubberMarked Rubber Compound
Roll Marking Machines

Roll Marking Machines

Use steel type to create marks on round or flat products.

Roller Dies

Roller Dies

Shaft-mounted steel dies are custom-made to continuously mark on flat or round moving materials.

Tire And Rubber Marking Systems

Tire and Rubber Marking Systems

Rubber marking systems that precisely identify and isolate product defects eliminates the need to scrap entire batches of material.

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