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As a supplier to critical industries, Pannier Corporation remains open for business.
  • Custom-made stamp holders for marking plate
  • Eliminates the errors associated with marking multiple pieces of information like heat, grade, thickness, and customer information
  • Ensures that marks are consistent and in the same location

Pannier aluminum plate mill holders are designed for stamping hot or cold metal plate.  They hold individual or multi-character steel hand stamps.  To make a mark, the operator strikes each stamp with a hammer.  This method produces consistent marks while reducing the risk of worker injury.

Each is custom made for the customer’s specific stamping arrangement.  Spring tension holds the stamps firmly in place in each slot.  Rubber tops are an option for cushioning glancing blows.  Also available with wooden, cast aluminum, or bale handles on one or both ends.

We recommend a special double-end marking hammer that features optimal weight and hardness for best results when striking steel stamps.

Plate Mill Stamp Holder
Plate Mill Stamp Holder

Plate mill stamp holder

Plate Mill Stamp Holder For Individual Stamps

Plate Mill Stamp Holder for individual stamps

Plate Mill Stamp HolderPlate Mill Stamp Holder For Individual Stamps
Steel Hand Stamps

Steel Hand Stamps

Steel stamps made from high quality tool steel and heat treated for hard usage and wear.

Supreme-Safe Stamp Holders

Supreme-Safe Stamp Holders

Heavy duty type holders for marking hot or cold metals with large characters.

Rotary Plate Stamper

Rotary Plate Stamper

Mark plate automatically at regular intervals while it travels on the line.

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