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Pannier offers the most advanced dot peen marking systems for factory automation environments, making integration of automatic pin marking fast and easy for machine builders and OEMs.

Easily integrate direct part marking into:

  • Progressive assembly cells, rotary or linear
  • Robotic welding cells
  • Leak detection systems
  • Inspection and measurement systems

AC500 Controller – Fast And Easy Integration

The AC500 touchscreen controller is designed for fast, intuitive job setup and troubleshooting. The AC500 works with any size ADP marking head as well as other brands of dot peen marking systems for backward compatibility and easy management of multiple systems.

AC500 with Ethernet port

Built-in EtherNet/IP

The AC500’s advanced PLC communications capabilities will save you hours of programming time. Its optional integrated EtherNet/IP port makes it easy to connect to a wide range of PLCs, HMIs, and controllers.

ADP5090 dot peen marking head
ADP5090 dot peen marking head

ADP5090 dot peen marking head

NEMA 12 controls cabinet for rack mounting

NEMA 12 controls cabinet for rack mounting

dot peen integrated into automated production line

dot peen integrated into automated production line

custom dot peen marking station

custom dot peen marking station

ADP5090 dot peen marking headNEMA 12 controls cabinet for rack mountingdot peen integrated into automated production linecustom dot peen marking station
  • Complete connectivity options with serial, I/O, Ethernet, USB, and optional EtherNet/IP™ ports
  • Use the USB port for loading marking jobs, logos, system settings, firmware upgrades, and more
  • 64 MB internal flash memory safely stores hundreds of marking jobs
  • Built-in mark history and statistics files
  • Operator, supervisor, and distributor security levels to prevent unintended changes
AC500 touchscreen dot peen controller

The AC500 controller and ADP5090 and larger marking heads are rated IP40 for use in industrial manufacturing environments. Mounting the controller vertically increases its rating to IP61.

  • The external power supply meets CE, UL, CSA, and EISA 2007 standards.
  • The power supply must be stabilized and the working environment should not have major electromagnetic fields.
  • Controller-to-head cables are available in various lengths up to 15 meters.
ADP5090 pin marking head

ADP5090 Marking Head

Marking Window
(max. mark area)
50 x 90 mm
2″ x 3.5″
(W x D x H)
180 x 150 x 120 mm
7.1″ x 5.9″ x 4.7″
Weight 4.9 kg / 10.8 lbs
IP Rating IP40
Additional heads:
Head ADP2560 ASM6090 scriber ADP120160
Mark Area 25 x 60 mm 60 x 90 mm 120 x 160 mm
W 139 mm
D 80 mm
H 174.5 mm
W 200 mm
D 170 mm
H 194 mm
W 260 mm
D 220 mm
H 123 mm
Weight 2 kg | 4.4 lbs 6 kg | 13.2 lbs 7.5 kg | 16.5 lbs
IP Rating IP00 * IP52 IP40

* The ADP2560 head does not have protective shutters, therefore it is recommended this head only be mounted in a vertical/down orientation.

Dot peen marking heads are available as pneumatic units for use with various marking pins, or as electric units with a 3mm dot marking pin only.

pneumatic dot peen marking pins

Carbide Marking Pins

  • 3mm dot peen pin
  • 6mm dot peen pin
  • 12mm dot peen pin
  • 18mm dot peen pin
  • 3mm XL dot peen pin
  • 6mm XL dot peen pin
  • 3mm vibropeen pin
  • 4mm vibropeen peen


Talk to a product specialist about your marking project.

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