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  • Ideal for manually attaching tags to the ends of hot products (up to 1800°F / 1000°C)
  • Can be used with CO2 cartridges, eliminating need for power or air supply

Pannier recommends Hilti Nailing systems for attaching tags to hot slabs, blooms, and billets. These systems are commonly used for manual tag attaching applicatons in the steel industry. The following are some Hilti product references.

DX 460-F8 Single nail system.
DX 460-F10 Single nail system.
DX 460-MX Uses a 10-nail magazine.

Download the Tag Nailing Systems brochure for a complete list of equipment, accessories, and consumables.

Hilti DX460 F8 Powder Actuated Fastener Nail Gun
Hilti Nailing System

Hilti Nailing System

Hilti R4DWX-S Air Actuated Fastener Nail Gun

Hilti R4DWX-S air actuated fastener nail gun

Hilti Fastener Extention Arm

Hilti fastener extention arm

Hot Aluminum Billet Labeling

Hot aluminum billet labeling

Hilti DX460 F8 Powder Actuated Fastener Nail GunHilti R4DWX S Air Actuated Fastener Nail GunHilti Fastener Extention ArmHot Aluminum Billet Labeling

Automatic Tag Attaching System

Automatic Tag Attaching System

Automatic tag attaching systems incorporate a metal tag printer and robot to weld tags onto steel.

Tag Stud Welding System

Tag Stud Welding System

Welding systems attach tags to steel with skirted studs for easy one-step attaching.

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