Automatically stamp or engrave metal tags with these manual and automatic marking machines.  To make large quantities of the same tag with simple information, impact marking presses are a simple and affordable solution. Use interchangeable type or numbering heads for message changes and indent multiple characters in one stroke.

For unique stamping on tags or nameplates, Pannier offers several models of dot peen marking machines for low-volume or high-volume tag production.  These systems can automatically retrieve information to be marked, eliminating marking mistakes and make the tag marking process fast and easy.

Marking Press Metal Tags

Impact Marking Presses

Stamp individual tags and parts using stamping dies, interchangeable type holders, or numbering heads for automatic serialization.

Dot Peen Marking Tags Plates

Tag Engraving Machines

Dot peen marking machines for automated engraving of single metal tags and nameplates.

Metal Tag Stamp Punch Machine

PE-35 Tag Stamping & Blanking Machine

Feed coiled metal strip into this machine and tags are indented with a single message, blanked, and dropped into a bin for fast, economical tag production.