Dot peen marking technology allows manufacturers to automate their part marking processes, ensuring 100% reliable product traceability.

  • Stamp on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Adjustable marking depth allows for light engraving to deep marking
  • Mark 2D Data Matrix codes and UID codes for easy part traceability
  • Program data on the touchscreen controller or integrate with a PLC, host system, bar code scanner other devices for automatic data entry

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Greater Productivity

Manufacturers can increase production throughput and reallocate valuable labor resources by automating the marking process. Achieve fast, consistent, and error-free marks while reducing operator injuries and fatigue from manual marking methods.

Integrated Dot Peen Marking Head Controls

Dot Peen Systems for Integration

Integration is made easy with advanced touchscreen controls, integrated EtherNet/IP, and robust build quality.

Benchtop Dot Peen Pin Marking Machine

Benchtop Dot Peen Machines

Easy-to-use benchtop dot peen markers for marking parts, tooling, and plates.

Dot Peen Tag Marking

Metal Tag Engraving Machines

Dot peen systems for engraving, stamping, or embossing metal tags.

Dot Peen Rotary Marking

Rotary Stamping Systems

Mark around the circumference or along the axis of round and cylindrical parts.

Custom Dot Peen Pin Marking Stations

Custom Dot Peen Marking Systems

Pannier can design and build marking systems to meet your specific application needs.

Hand-Held Marking Machines

Portable Dot Peen Marker

Portable Stampers

Lightweight and versatile hand-held marking systems are available in several sizes.

Deep Marker Dot Peen

The Deep Marker

Make deep marks in metals that remain legible after shot blasting, painting, and galvanizing.


Portable Pipe Marker

Hand-held stamper for marking various diameters of metal pipe with text and logos.