Pannier offers a wide range of tag embossing systems from manual, single tag embossers to fully automatic, programmable systems.

  • Several models for high- and low-volume tagging applications
  • All embossers are designed for use in industrial environments
  • Use a wide range of tag materials and sizes
  • Automated machines accept information automatically from host systems for complete integration; manual machines offer portability
EmbossMax 5000 Automatic Metal Tag Embossing Machine

EmbossMax 5000 Tag Embosser

Fully automatic, programmable embossing system creates large quantities of embossed metal tags with one or more lines of information.

EmbossMax 3000 Metal Tag Embossing Machine

EmbossMax 3000 Tag Embosser

Programmable system embosses tags quickly and easily. Ideal for batch tag making. Send data from a spreadsheet.

Metal Tag Stamping Machine

Dot Peen Marking Machine

Benchtop marking system for marking single tags, plates, and parts. Enter data manually or download from a spreadsheet.

Model 416 Tag Embossing Machine

Model 416 Tag Embossing Machine

Heavy-duty embossing machine for marking one line of up to 20 characters on 1/2” or 7/8” wide metal tags.

Roovers Embosser

Roovers Metal Tape Embosser

Emboss or deboss a single line of large, deep characters in metal “tape”. Ideal for fabricators and for use in identifying castings.

Model O Metal Tag Debossing Press

Model O Tag Debosser

Small debosser produces tags for use in molds to identify rubber products, castings, and molded products.