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Thousands of metal fabrication companies make metal products that are used in such projects as buildings, bridges, factories, and energy supply systems. Each metal piece is fabricated to certain specifications so that the pieces fit together exactly as a structure is assembled at the job site. Since every piece is unique, it is necessary to properly label and track each piece with a part number. But this can often be a challenge since many markings are lost during the final step of production when the steel is coated with a layer of paint or galvanizing to prevent rust.

Metal tracking tags are a proven, reliable way to track fabricated metal products. Embossed metal tags are made by using a metal punching method to create raised characters on thin metal. The final tag is attached to a metal piece by welding or attaching with a wire clip so it stays in place during production, shot blasting, painting or galvanizing, and shipping. The raised characters on the tag are easily legible when the steel arrives at the construction site.

The tags shown here were made with the Pannier EmbossMax automatic metal tag embosser. Part numbers and customer information are automatically sent from fab shop software to the embosser so it can automatically make all the tags needed for the day’s production. After embossing, the tags are snapped apart for attachment to the parts.

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