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A manufacturer of HVAC systems needed a way to mark directly onto tongue and slot tags used to label pipe and hose in their systems. After searching for possible solutions including labels, stamping systems, and ink jet printing, they purchased an EmbossMax system with tags from Pannier.

Pannier tongue and slot tags come in coiled form.  The coils of tags are loaded into the EmbossMax 3000 tag embosser and feed through a pneumatic tag clamp that holds the tag during marking.  The tag format on the EmbossMax was programmed for reverse marking, which creates embossed (raised) lettering on the tag for clear legibility once attached to hoses.

After the tags are marked, they easily snap apart for use.  The tag is wrapped around the product, then the tongue portion of the tag is inserted into the slot and bent backward to stay in place.

Marking Tongue And Slot Tags
Embossed Tongue And Slot Tags For Pipe And Hose ID
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