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2D bar code tracking tags for wire rod coils

As seen in EuroWire magazine and at the wire show in Düsseldorf.

Wire and wire rod coil processing is a tough job. Temperatures can be very high, especially when annealing special steel alloys. Pickling baths can be extremely aggressive. Not to mention the all-round rough handling associated with moving coils through a plant.

Tracking coils consistently through the mill can be very challenging. Less durable bar code tags often need to be removed from a coil during certain stages of production and then reattached or exchanged for a new tag. This creates the risk of coil misidentification and loss of critical product data. Some coil tracking methods don’t allow for automated data capture throughout production, increasing the possibility of identification errors and product mix-ups.

One tag survives it all.

Pannier’s metal tracking tag remains with a coil throughout the entire production journey and can even serve as the shipping label, eliminating the need to re-label a coil for any reason. Its embossed 2D Data Matrix code can be scanned at any stage of production for automated, error-free product tracking. The tags resist extreme heat, acid, weather and handling, and are 100% recyclable.

Tags are made with the Pannier EmbossMax 5000 automatic metal tag embosser. The EmbossMax 5000 can be used like a network printer, integrating seamlessly with any plant MES/ERP system. Tags can also be made individually by an operator as needed.

EmbossMax 5000 Tag Embosser
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