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Tagging Metal Grating
Attaching Tags To Metal Grating With Hilti Low Profile Fasteners
Tags Identifying Metal Before Galvanizing

A manufacturer of steel grating uses metal identification tags to identify each section of grating through the galvanizing process. They had been using an old Automark tag embossing machine to mark hundreds of tags every day. The aging machine was breaking down often and required regular maintenance, costing the company several thousand dollars each year.

After searching for a more modern metal tag embosser, they talked to Pannier about the EmbossMax 5000 tag embosser. The EmbossMax uses a continuous roll of tags to eliminate jamming problems, ensuring trouble-free feeding and marking of up to 1,000 tags at a time. This manufacturer uses coils of 7/8″ wide electrogalvanized tags that are attached to the side of each piece using Hilti low-profile fasteners. The large characters on the tags are easily legible after galvanizing for reliable product identification.

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