Pannier’s dot and stripe marking systems automate the process of printing of stripes and dots on industrial products. Non-contact printers are computer controlled and designed to be virtually clog-free. These marking systems are ideal for:

  • Color Coding – Small print heads can be mounted in groups for easy marking of different colors or more than one color at a time.
  • Defect Marking – Used as an integral part of inspection stations, dots or stripes can be used to precisely identify defective materials.
  • Pass/Fail Marking – Printers keep up with high-speed production lines and vision systems for in-line pass/fail marking.
  • Location Marks – Use for a variety of indications on products such as weld points, overlap points, nail or glue location marks, and more.
Ink Jet Dot Stripe Printer

Ink Jet Dot & Stripe Printers

Single nozzle ink jet printers for precise marking of small dots and stripes at high speeds.

ST Spray Striping System

ST Spray Markers

Spray marking heads for marking large dots and stripes. Built-in nozzle protection prevents clogging.