Flexographic printing is a method of direct rotary printing using molded printing dies (or plates) made of rubber or photopolymer.  In a typical flexo printer design, there are multiple wheels that work in unison to pick up ink from an ink well, deliver the ink to a printing die, and roll the ink onto the product being marked.

Flexo printers are easy to install on any production line. They can be friction driven, where the print wheel only turns when it is in contact with the material being printed, or power driven to maintain the exact speed of the production line whether the printer is on- or off-line.

Advantages of Flexo Printing

flexographic printing process
Super Ink Print-all Rotary Printer

Super Ink Print-All

Economical flexographic printers suit many narrow web printing applications. Print messages from 1/8″ to 4-3/4″ wide, up to 36″ long.

Custom Flexographic Printer

Wide Flexographic Printers

Rotary printers custom-built for industrial printing applications. Print large designs or patterns on wide web materials.

Offset Printer

Pipe & Tube Printers

Offset printers designed for marking on pipe, tube, bar, flats, and other extruded products. Single or multi-strand configurations.