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A manufacturer of textiles makes linens such as sheets and pillowcases for hospitals, hotels, and other institutional customers. The specialty fabrics used for these linens is particularly resistant to staining, fading, and tearing. Once a customer buys the linens, they are cleaned by external laundry services and must be returned to the correct facility.

The textile manufacturer was looking for a simple way to print their customers’ logos on the linens at the factory. Since bed linens need to be washed many times, the ink used to print on the fabric needed to withstand many washings.

They contacted Pannier Corporation, who could supply all that they required: the flexographic printing machines, the specialty fabric printing inks that would remain legible after more than 50 washings, and the printing dies needed for each individual customer. Depending on the product being made, they use one or more printers to print logos across the width of the material before it is cut and sewn into the final product.

flexographic printed logo on fabric
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