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Steel sheet is processed by metal coaters and fabricators into a variety of end use products for building and infrastructure projects. Before being formed into final products, the steel must be coated to prevent rust. Coatings can be zinc applied with a galvanizing process, paints, or polymer films that protect the surface of the steel during forming and final use.

To ensure proper identification of the steel during the production processes, it must be printed with information such as the steel grade, thickness, coating type, and coating weight. Logos and customer information is also needed for branding and easy identification in the field.

Pannier flexo printers are a simple way to apply these required markings. Since coaters often process different widths of steel sheet, several flexo printers are used so that individual printers can be taken off-line when processing narrower widths of steel.

stencil printing on coated steel sheet
printed logos on steel formed into corrugated culvert pipe
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