MarkFirst rotary dot peen marking systems are made for automatic marking around the circumference or along the axis of round parts by rotating the part in sync with the marking job. Automatic date coding, serial numbering, and marking of 2D codes are standard features with the MarkFirst AC500 Controller. Data to be marked can also be received from external sources such as a PLC or bar code scanner for automatic, error-free marking.

  • Mark text, serial numbers, 2D Data Matrix codes, imported graphics, and TrueType fonts (TTF)
  • Easy programming; no PC required for setup or operation
  • Each system is built to suit your part and delivered ready to mark


Several types of rotary part holding fixtures are available. Each fixture uses a three-jaw, self-centering, manually-adjustable chuck to hold and turn parts during marking.

part holding chuck
part holding chuck

Pneumatic fixtures, cradle rolls for support of heavy items, and custom fixturing and bases are also available. Let Pannier design a system just right for your application.

Rotary Chuck Dot Peen Marking
Rotary Chuck Dot Peen Marking

Rotary chuck dot peen marking

Dot Peen Rotary Marking Fixture

Dot Peen Rotary Marking Fixture

AC500 Controller

AC500 touchscreen controller

Dot Peen Marking On Cylinders

Dot peen marking on cylinders

Rotary Chuck Dot Peen Marking Dot Peen Rotary Marking Fixture AC500 Controller Dot Peen Marking On Cylinders

Programming marking jobs is fast and easy with the AC500 touchscreen controller:

  • Mark preview screen allows the user to easily view and edit the marking job
  • Check Area and Dry Run functions let you see how the job will run before making a mark
  • Serial, I/O, Ethernet, and USB ports for ultimate connectivity
Marking A Round Part With A Numbering Head

Roll Marking Machine

Use steel type to create marks on round or flat products.

Roller Dies

Roller Dies

Shaft-mounted steel dies are custom-made to continuously mark on flat or round moving materials.

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