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A manufacturer of poly air filtration media uses a large character ink jet printer for marking on their material. The printed messages include product identification codes and installation instructions.

Non-contact printing with ink jet is essential for maintaining the loft of this multi-ply, non-woven material. Printing is applied to the material while it is still warm after exiting a drying oven.

The company had been using CIJ ink jet printers, but found they needed too much maintenance, especially after being idle for extended periods between production runs. They switched to a REA JET large character ink jet system and were able to realize many benefits:

  • REA JET print heads are much easier to maintain, and can easily be be disconnected when cleaning or service is required.
  • The REA JET TITAN controller allowed them to operate up to 5 heads from a single control panel, making it simple to change printed messages by sending production data over their network.
  • The 16-dot print heads can print large and small characters, giving them more flexibility in their printed messages.
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