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A manufacturer of high performance tires uses an automated printing station to print colored stripes and text on finished tires. These marks ensure the tires are routed properly after production. The system automatically reads the bar code on the tire as it moves down the conveyor. The bar code contains the information to be printed, which is sent to the ink jet printer’s controller. Data can also be entered manually if the bar code is not successfully read.

The system incorporates several REA JET DOD printheads, each connected to a supply of a different color of ink. As the tire spins, the required printhead nozzles are triggered to start printing, creating unique printed stripe patterns and text. The REA JET printheads perform well in spite of the difficult environment, including periodic downtime and the buildup of carbon residue from a nearby work center. This unique system allows the manufacturer to automate a complicated and error-prone printing requirement and eliminate errors from their production line.

text and stripe printing on finished tires
automated tire striping and stenciling system
REA JET DOD ink jet heads for tire printing
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